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“The Combat Singles” Coming 7/15/10 !!

Posted in Announcements, Production, Singles with tags , , , , , , , on July 14, 2010 by Anodyne

After months of chaos and delays “The Combat Singles” will see the light of day on July 17th!!  Featuring two tracks packed with the signature Anodyne Industries sound, this release escalates the intensity found in “The Gateway EP” to new heights of Heavy Bass!

The first track, “BassMech” is a full frontal assault on the senses as the bassline swaps between devestating drops and intricate rapid fire punches.  Moving with relentless momentum, “BassMech” is a dancefloor killer!

“Decibomb” detonates a high powered charge of tightly packaged bass mayhem coupled with eerie vocals and oozing midtempo grooves.

More Details Will Be Announced Tomorrow!


Tutorial episode 4: Pads & Atmosphere Techniques

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9 months.  That’s how long my screencast software has been down.  Oh believe me, I’ve kept busy, but the whole time I’ve been itching to get thigns up and running on some new videos.  Let’s be honest with eachother for a sec shall we?  I’m getting better exposure for this site and my music through these tutorials than I ever thought possible.  So you just keep sucking my brains dry until I have no secrets left to share and I’ll keep putting these tasty treats out for you to nibble on.

Tutorial episode 3: Basic Beat Editing and Loop Mangling

Posted in Production on July 21, 2009 by Anodyne

It’s back! Another episode of Anodyne’s production tutorials just hit the internet-o-sphere! I stayed up late last night to get this one finished so y’all damn well better ‘preciate it!

Ever wonder how people come up with a crazy break beat loop? I’ll show you a couple of fantastic time savers and get your creative juices running in the process! These tricks are really easy to learn and open up a new world of beat manipulation!

Tutorial episode 2: Making A Gut Kicking Sub Bass

Posted in Production on July 8, 2009 by Anodyne

In this episode I’ll take you through my steps to getting a nice, clean, deep, face-melting sub bass in a track. Just a note… Because we’re dealing with low frequencies it’ll pay to watch this on good speakers unless you’re just taking notes.

Tutorial: How to use LFOs to automate a sick bassline

Posted in Production on July 6, 2009 by Anodyne

Ok, you’ve been asking for it, now you got it.  I finally got my screencasting software working so I’m starting a series of “How To” or maybe “How I Do It” videos on YouTube.  I wanted to get this one out the door as soon as possible so please bear with me.  I know I probably went through each of the steps REALLY fast and it’ll be hard to follow.  Buuuut that’s what the rewind button is for.  Enjoy.