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AI: Countermeasures 05

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If you weren’t there for my set at “Sumthin’ Wikked T’is Way Comes” you’re in luck!  This month’s Countermeasures episode is another live set recording of heavy Drum and Bass.  Tracklisting is coming out soon so check back here or on the SoundCloud page for that.  Next month Countermeasures will dip back into the deeper side of things with some minimal DnB, midtempo and forward thinking bass music!


AI: Countermeasures 04

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As promised, here’s the latest episode of countermeasures!  I recorded my live set from the Pure Evil show and just trimmed out the minute or two of silence in the middle where we had some technical difficulties.  Buckle up, this one gets heavy…


AI: Countermeasures 03

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This episode of Countermeasures is brought to you by the letters A and ITransmission 03 drifts through layers of 170 bpm beats from dark ambience to glitch and forward thinking DnB.  It’s hard to imagine that this entire mix is all the same speed (with the exception of the last song…)  This just goes to show that if so many different beats can be worked into a mix on one speed, imagine what a DJ can do with multiple BPMs!


Anthony Rother – Databank/Nuklearer Winter
Panacea & Xingu Hill – The Outpost
Hecq – 0006
Bop – Random Thoughts
Ibunshi – Luminous Two
Dj Teebee – Bioform
Royalston – The Test
Paperclip – Mechadroid
Misanthrop – Going Down
Broken Note – Meltdown
Heist – Sprout (Breakage Remix)
How To Destroy Angels – The Space In Between
Access To Arasaka – Waiting War

AI: Countermeasures 02

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The second episode of Countermeasures is live now!  Go get it!  Transmission 02 throws caution out the window and travels across a broad landscape of musical stylings from Techno and Dubstep to DnB and even anime soundtracks(!)  This isn’t your typical dancefloor mix.  Dim the lights, put on your headphones and get comfortable.

Yoko Kanno – Early Bird
NGC 1365 – Laika
Aaron Goodwyn – Open Your Eyes (Original Mix)
Orbital – Halcyon & On & On
Yoshinori Sunahara – No Sun
Slobodan – Muscle & Hate
Co-Jack – Nightshift
Magnetic Man – I Need Air
Mosaik & Planet Boelex – Nanomies
Telefon Tel Aviv – Bubble and Spike
Kahimi Karie – Blue Orb
Bjork – All Is Full Of Love (Chris Su Remix)

AI: CounterMeasures 01

Posted in Announcements, Mixes on June 28, 2010 by Anodyne

Anodyne Industries has always been about powerful forward thinking electronic music. AI represents music that doesn’t just move the body and the mind, but lunges forward and crushes expectations with tidal wave force and propels listeners to new heights. “Anti Apathy Sonic Warfare Systems” isn’t just a catchy phrase, it’s a mission statement.

And so, having evolved into the next phase of that mission, I’d like to welcome you to the first transmission of ‘CounterMeasures’, a regular broadcast of forward thinking music and audio inspirations. CounterMeasures will be a platform to showcase the music that I feel pushes music in new directions. There’s no central theme, this won’t be a Dubstep show or a Trance-cast. With each episode I intend to expose listeners to a wide range of musical styles from heavy bass and rhythmic noise to orchestral scores and ambient.

Transmission 01 begins as a cavernous, dark hole of bass soon becomes a lumbering Dubstep beast (devoid of wobble) and eventually comes around to a full force DnB onslaught before settling into glitch IDM and heavy atmospheres.

Squaremeter – Second Angle
Vex’d – Cold
Magic Mash – The Duelist
Vex’d – Killing Floor
Defrag – The Stones
Broken Note – Dubversion (Hecq Remix)
Machine Code – Vessel
Diode – Broooklyn Rock
Demo – Push Em Up
Bullet Proof – Smash & Grab
Maztek – The Gate
Spor – Kaori
Noisia – Exodus ft. KRS One
Broken Note – Mortal Bass
Himuro Yoshiteru – we,mess-age
Gridock – Chrometaphor

IDMf Soundcheck Podcast 002

Posted in Announcements, Mixes on May 17, 2010 by Anodyne

This is the second installment of the IDMf Podcast.  It’s FREE and you can download it easily from this link:

I’m also happy to say that “The Gateway” was chosen as the opening track!  See below for the rest of the amazing lineup IDMf has put together!

1) Anodyne Industries: The Gateway
2) Padlock: Emergency Equine Evacuation
3) Toronto Is Broken: Wormhole
4) Electro Mass: Relived
5) The Soft Greens: Boots and Boots and Boots
6) Jazzyspoon: Deuce Deuce Revolver
7) Persiflage: Triskaidekarrhythmia
8) Bong: Who Are You Are
9) Hypocr.te: I Must Have Dreamt It
10) Roo Stercoburn: Enlightenment and Acceptance
11) When Power Stars Collide: Dancing Strings
12) Frazdog: Frame Of Referance
13) Julien Mier: Windmills and Lantarnlights
14) LiamCampbell: Invisible Enemy Version 2
15) Dataf1ow: Something Wicked
16) Vlantis: Cute Overload

Burningman Set Remastered (finally)

Posted in Mixes on September 30, 2009 by Anodyne


I spent some time working on remastering my Burningman set last night. The operation was a complete success. Ozone 3 is by far the most impressive software mastering suite I’ve ever used. Enjoy!