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AI: Countermeasures 05

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If you weren’t there for my set at “Sumthin’ Wikked T’is Way Comes” you’re in luck!  This month’s Countermeasures episode is another live set recording of heavy Drum and Bass.  Tracklisting is coming out soon so check back here or on the SoundCloud page for that.  Next month Countermeasures will dip back into the deeper side of things with some minimal DnB, midtempo and forward thinking bass music!


Upcoming Shows!!

Posted in Announcements, Events on October 1, 2010 by Anodyne

After taking a year off Anodyne Industries is back in action!!  I’ve booked a couple of shows coming up.  If you’re in the SF Bay Area put these on your list of “things to rock out to”.

On the night of October 5th, 2010 Menlo Park will be set upon by a force of dark electronica so powerful the entire city may be at risk of complete annhilation!!  I’ll be representing the local flavor with my own heavy bass originals mixed with some deep and dark DnB.  Expect headliners Cervello Elettronico and Detune X to eviscerate the dancefloor with some powerful noise and industrial madness afterwards!

Then, on October 10 come to SanFrancisco’s Burningman Decompression and catch me playing at Cafe Cocomo from 4:00pm!  There’s life after Playa! Hold onto that lovely playa spirit that you’ve brought home with you! It needs to be nurtured to be kept warm and alive. The best way to do it is at the 11th Annual SF DECOMPRESSION Heat the Street FaIRE!!!

Anodyne Industries live @ Burnal Equinox 2010 (March 6th)

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burnal equinox flyer

I’ll be playing at the annual SF Burnal Equinox event on March 6th.  Look for me in the “Blue Room” (The main room for bands and non-DJ performers) from 9:35-10:15!!  It’ll be a night of crushing dub-force and electrified breaks with *gasp* (say it isn’t so!) some DnB thrown in just to make your brains turn to jelly!!

Click Here For More Info

Decompression 10/11/09

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I’ll be doing a live PA at SF Decomp from 4:45-5:30. I’ll be throwing down a load of new tracks! Afterwards stay put for the annual People’s Fashion Show, I’ll be providing the music for that too!

A double dose of Anodyne. Just what the doctor ordered.

Open Source Wrap-Up

Posted in Events on August 10, 2009 by Anodyne

Some lessons were learned Saturday night.

1) Do a more thorough recon of the competition. We scheduled Open Source the same night as another big party that we overlooked.

2) Bring your own gear! The house turntables died 1/3 of the way in and the DJs had to tag team between one turntable and a laptop.

3) Promote until you think you’ve saturated the market. Then promote some more. If you still have flyers in your bedroom by the night of the event, you’re doing it wrong.

All in all we worked through the difficulties and had a great time! We made a profit!! All of our money invested plus $1 !!! That means we’re doing this again damnit!

I brought out the KP3 Kaoss pad for this gig and it didn’t dissapoint! My performance was great with only a couple of snags and I had a fantastic time listening to my tunes on a loud sound system. God.. sometimes you just can’t appreciate a deep sub bass properly unless it’s so loud it resonates and shakes the floorboards AND ceiling! Hell yeah. Best memory of the night.


Open Source Ad

Posted in Events on July 31, 2009 by Anodyne

Don’t forget! Open Source is next week! Saturday, August 8 is our first event. Come out for an eclectic night of innovative DJs spinning the best electronica, art on display from local artists, and a live performance from yours truly!

Admission is a suggested donation of $5-$10

Support your local creative community! Open Source is a platform for YOU. Participate by emailing us at

August 8th, 2009: Open Source @ Retox SF

Posted in Events on July 27, 2009 by Anodyne


Come out for our first Open Source event!

DJs will lay down some of the finest house, techno, breaks and other sonic tasties for the dancefloor.
Beat technicians for the evening are:

* Anton Styles
* No Me
* O.L.A.
* RandomIntent

Catch a live performance of crackling glitchy breaks and deliciously destructive dubstep by Anodyne!!

Local artists will be showing (and selling!) their work!

$5-$10 donation at the door please.

Come out and support us so we can keep doing this to support you! Open Source is a collective founded on the belief that it’s community participation in an event that makes it a success, not the crew behind it!! Want to perform? Get in touch. No bias, no politics, no BS. We’re a platform for YOUR expression.