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I’ve moved the site to a brand new fantastic space over at Http:// !!  Please update your bookmarks and head over to the new site!



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I just finished the first pass of the last song for the EP! All that’s left now is to touch up a couple of things and start the mixing process. Here’s a little taste of what I’ve been staring at for the last couple of weeks…

I know I’ll probably get a lot of “interesting” feedback from other producers about the ridiculous mess my projects turn into and how I could be saving my CPU a lot of trouble…  But this is just how I work right now and I can’t really argue with the results.

Oh yeah… Here’s what it sounds like:  (The audio sample is very low quality on purpose)



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The new IDMf release is out!  As far as I’m concerned, the folks at IDMf Netlabel have their fingers firmly on the pulse of forward thinking IDM and electronic music.  I look forward to their releases so much because they’re all so different.  The quality of the artists and production shines bright and whether I regularly listen to that particular genre is really unimportant.  It’s that good.  Case in point, this time around Silent Stranger presents us with a mysterious glitched out 6 track audio gem!


“The IDMf Netlabel is proud to present IDMf artist Silent Stranger’s debut album, which offers crunchy, intricate rhythms and alter-dimensional atmospheres. The first edition of a four part series to be featured on IDMf, Anagram1:Dither is a massive creative endeavor by Silent Strangers’ Christopher Lombardo certain to be enjoyed by those searching for technical synth automation and sample mutilation.

Written, performed, composed, designed, and produced by Christopher Lombardo
Mastered by Wayne Baker
Released on IDMf Netlabel

A Creative Commons release.

Released by: IDMf Netlabel
Release/catalogue number: 013
Release date: Nov 17, 2010″

Getting Rough

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I listened to “The Gateway EP” last night on the way home from work.  It was the first time I’d heard it in months and I was instantly surprised to hear how different it is from the music I’m producing right now.  A part of me really misses the vulnerabe and emotional imagery in “The Gateway” and “Consigned to Oblivion”.


I’m not dissapointed with the direction the new EP is going.  Far from it.  It’s one hell of a collection of tracks moving between deep heavy Dubstep (no midrange wankery here!), tech-infused halfstep DnB and brutal stormers akin to “The Combat Singles”.  I’m unbelievably excited to release these tracks for you to hear!  I may have time to throw in something more laid back and melodic.. But right now it’s looking like a full force dancefloor release.


If you miss the softer side of Anodyne Industries don’t worry.  Soon.

New Mix Up Soon!!

Posted in Announcements, Features on November 4, 2010 by Anodyne

I recorded my set from Sunthin’ Wikked and will be posting it up online next week.  I would’ve gotten it out sooner but couldn’t due to some technical difficulties.  It’s worth the wait though!!


Speaking of which, Sumthin’ Wikked was an awesome party.  All kinds of music was on the table for the evening and I got down to everything from progressive house and chill ambient to dubstep and glitch hop!  The icing on the cake was being able to meet Willy Whompa, another member of the Glitch Hop Forum.  He’s a really nice guy and plays some ridiculously infectious glitched out beats!!  Check out his SOUNDCLOUD SITE for some of his tracks!!


In other news, last night I played at Anu Bar in SF for the Dub-Auchery crew.  The venue was a little small but a perfect size for a small gathering of bass hungry locals on a Wednesday night!  Faces melted and crowds were slain.  Nuff said!


Doing the last two of months of shows was awesome!  I’m really glad I got back into that.  Now it’s time to take a month off to finish up the EP before 2011!!

This Will All Turn To Dust

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I’m working on a new website.  I’ll be leaving my WordPress home and moving on to bigger and MUCH better things!!  I can’t wait to get this thing live!

AI: Countermeasures 04

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As promised, here’s the latest episode of countermeasures!  I recorded my live set from the Pure Evil show and just trimmed out the minute or two of silence in the middle where we had some technical difficulties.  Buckle up, this one gets heavy…