Getting Rough

I listened to “The Gateway EP” last night on the way home from work.  It was the first time I’d heard it in months and I was instantly surprised to hear how different it is from the music I’m producing right now.  A part of me really misses the vulnerabe and emotional imagery in “The Gateway” and “Consigned to Oblivion”.


I’m not dissapointed with the direction the new EP is going.  Far from it.  It’s one hell of a collection of tracks moving between deep heavy Dubstep (no midrange wankery here!), tech-infused halfstep DnB and brutal stormers akin to “The Combat Singles”.  I’m unbelievably excited to release these tracks for you to hear!  I may have time to throw in something more laid back and melodic.. But right now it’s looking like a full force dancefloor release.


If you miss the softer side of Anodyne Industries don’t worry.  Soon.


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