New Mix Up Soon!!

I recorded my set from Sunthin’ Wikked and will be posting it up online next week.  I would’ve gotten it out sooner but couldn’t due to some technical difficulties.  It’s worth the wait though!!


Speaking of which, Sumthin’ Wikked was an awesome party.  All kinds of music was on the table for the evening and I got down to everything from progressive house and chill ambient to dubstep and glitch hop!  The icing on the cake was being able to meet Willy Whompa, another member of the Glitch Hop Forum.  He’s a really nice guy and plays some ridiculously infectious glitched out beats!!  Check out his SOUNDCLOUD SITE for some of his tracks!!


In other news, last night I played at Anu Bar in SF for the Dub-Auchery crew.  The venue was a little small but a perfect size for a small gathering of bass hungry locals on a Wednesday night!  Faces melted and crowds were slain.  Nuff said!


Doing the last two of months of shows was awesome!  I’m really glad I got back into that.  Now it’s time to take a month off to finish up the EP before 2011!!


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