Recommended Listening!

Personally when I look for new music I start with breaks and go from there.  What can I say, I like my beats broken.  Lately I’ve been on a huge DnB kick and I’ve been neglecting the slower 120-140 bpm range…  So a couple of weeks ago I get an email from Gyre letting me know his new album, “Attack of the Sustained Decay” just dropped!!  Naturally I was excited and headed over to have a listen because this guy just oozes talent and fresh ideas.

I first discovered of Gyre when he released “EP 2.0” last year.  That was a pretty damn good bunch of tracks.  This year, “Attack of the Sustained Decay” bumps things up a notch and seriously delivers.

Remember that feeling you got back in the day when you just discovered electronic music like 808 State, The Orb, Future Sound of London, Chemical Brothers etc.  They may have been making totally different styles of music but they embodied a feeling and excitement of breaking new musical ground.

That’s how this album made me feel.  The first single, “Attuned To Another” is just GOOD electronic music.  It’s that simple.  Just solid electronic music from the second you hit play.  The rest of the album doesn’t dissapoint and follows suit.  Breakbeats may not be new to the scene, but Gyre works them incredibly well and infuses them with his style.  Trust me, this release will smack your midrange wobble-step around the room and make it cry like a baby.

Convinced yet?  Here’s the linkage:




One Response to “Recommended Listening!”

  1. Hey anodyne, thanks for posting this. Appreciate the great support. Keep jamming!

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