Upcoming Shows!!

After taking a year off Anodyne Industries is back in action!!  I’ve booked a couple of shows coming up.  If you’re in the SF Bay Area put these on your list of “things to rock out to”.

On the night of October 5th, 2010 Menlo Park will be set upon by a force of dark electronica so powerful the entire city may be at risk of complete annhilation!!  I’ll be representing the local flavor with my own heavy bass originals mixed with some deep and dark DnB.  Expect headliners Cervello Elettronico and Detune X to eviscerate the dancefloor with some powerful noise and industrial madness afterwards!

Then, on October 10 come to SanFrancisco’s Burningman Decompression and catch me playing at Cafe Cocomo from 4:00pm!  There’s life after Playa! Hold onto that lovely playa spirit that you’ve brought home with you! It needs to be nurtured to be kept warm and alive. The best way to do it is at the 11th Annual SF DECOMPRESSION Heat the Street FaIRE!!!


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