The “Combat Singles” Are Now Available!!

The wait is over!  The “Combat Singles” went live today.  You can purchase “BassMech” and “Decibomb” in the high quality audio format of your choice over at the “Anodyne Industries Online Shop“!  Buy the full release (two songs) for a low price of $1.98 or each track individually for $.98!!

“BassMech” is a straightforward monster of a track boasting a thunderous beat coupled with intense and powerfully distorted bass manipulations.  Throw this track on a loud sound system, pull the trigger and watch the dancefloor undulate under the sheer force of sonic power wrought by the “BassMech”!!

“Decibomb” is exactly what it claims to be.  A highly effective explosive audio device armed with warping layers of bass, eerie pads and vocals and plenty of low end punch for any HeavyBass zealot!

This release marks my first commercial endeavour.  If you enjoy my music and support the Anodyne Industries sound your $1.98 is greatly appreciated!


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