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AI: Countermeasures 02

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The second episode of Countermeasures is live now!  Go get it!  Transmission 02 throws caution out the window and travels across a broad landscape of musical stylings from Techno and Dubstep to DnB and even anime soundtracks(!)  This isn’t your typical dancefloor mix.  Dim the lights, put on your headphones and get comfortable.

Yoko Kanno – Early Bird
NGC 1365 – Laika
Aaron Goodwyn – Open Your Eyes (Original Mix)
Orbital – Halcyon & On & On
Yoshinori Sunahara – No Sun
Slobodan – Muscle & Hate
Co-Jack – Nightshift
Magnetic Man – I Need Air
Mosaik & Planet Boelex – Nanomies
Telefon Tel Aviv – Bubble and Spike
Kahimi Karie – Blue Orb
Bjork – All Is Full Of Love (Chris Su Remix)


Know Your Roots: House

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“In the beginning there was Jack and Jack had a groove, and from this groove came the groove of all grooves…”

Ok listen up.  I’m going to tell you a story.  It’s about the beginning of our sound.  The beginning of electronic dance music as we know it today.  I’ve gone through a few documentaries and books and interviews etc.  This Youtube video sticks out to me as the easiest to digest and fastest retelling of the story.  Check it out:

Long story short?  Disco exploded at the end of the 70s.  The club, Paradise Garage opened with Larry Levan at the decks.  He worked his special kind of magic and elevated the dance floor to new heights.  He made an indelible mark on the history of dance music.  (If you haven’t heard one of his classic mixes yet, DO IT.  You won’t be sorry.)

But disco died and went underground.

A new club opened.  The Warehouse employed Frankie Knuckles as it’s resident DJ.  It was the only place in the city people could go to hear the underground and classic disco songs that Knuckles played.  The hype grew and record stores started putting the singles being played at the Warehouse in their own category.

People would come into Import Records asking for “that new warehouse song” or “that track they played at the warehouse”.  Eventually the store shortened the name to “house music” and people would come in asking for that “house music”.

The sound evolved.  Some kids were playing with a weird new bass synthesizer from Roland one day.  They started making their own house music records with it.  Acid house was born and…

The Beginning.

The “Combat Singles” Are Now Available!!

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The wait is over!  The “Combat Singles” went live today.  You can purchase “BassMech” and “Decibomb” in the high quality audio format of your choice over at the “Anodyne Industries Online Shop“!  Buy the full release (two songs) for a low price of $1.98 or each track individually for $.98!!

“BassMech” is a straightforward monster of a track boasting a thunderous beat coupled with intense and powerfully distorted bass manipulations.  Throw this track on a loud sound system, pull the trigger and watch the dancefloor undulate under the sheer force of sonic power wrought by the “BassMech”!!

“Decibomb” is exactly what it claims to be.  A highly effective explosive audio device armed with warping layers of bass, eerie pads and vocals and plenty of low end punch for any HeavyBass zealot!

This release marks my first commercial endeavour.  If you enjoy my music and support the Anodyne Industries sound your $1.98 is greatly appreciated!

“The Combat Singles” Coming 7/15/10 !!

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After months of chaos and delays “The Combat Singles” will see the light of day on July 17th!!  Featuring two tracks packed with the signature Anodyne Industries sound, this release escalates the intensity found in “The Gateway EP” to new heights of Heavy Bass!

The first track, “BassMech” is a full frontal assault on the senses as the bassline swaps between devestating drops and intricate rapid fire punches.  Moving with relentless momentum, “BassMech” is a dancefloor killer!

“Decibomb” detonates a high powered charge of tightly packaged bass mayhem coupled with eerie vocals and oozing midtempo grooves.

More Details Will Be Announced Tomorrow!