AI: CounterMeasures 01

Anodyne Industries has always been about powerful forward thinking electronic music. AI represents music that doesn’t just move the body and the mind, but lunges forward and crushes expectations with tidal wave force and propels listeners to new heights. “Anti Apathy Sonic Warfare Systems” isn’t just a catchy phrase, it’s a mission statement.

And so, having evolved into the next phase of that mission, I’d like to welcome you to the first transmission of ‘CounterMeasures’, a regular broadcast of forward thinking music and audio inspirations. CounterMeasures will be a platform to showcase the music that I feel pushes music in new directions. There’s no central theme, this won’t be a Dubstep show or a Trance-cast. With each episode I intend to expose listeners to a wide range of musical styles from heavy bass and rhythmic noise to orchestral scores and ambient.

Transmission 01 begins as a cavernous, dark hole of bass soon becomes a lumbering Dubstep beast (devoid of wobble) and eventually comes around to a full force DnB onslaught before settling into glitch IDM and heavy atmospheres.

Squaremeter – Second Angle
Vex’d – Cold
Magic Mash – The Duelist
Vex’d – Killing Floor
Defrag – The Stones
Broken Note – Dubversion (Hecq Remix)
Machine Code – Vessel
Diode – Broooklyn Rock
Demo – Push Em Up
Bullet Proof – Smash & Grab
Maztek – The Gate
Spor – Kaori
Noisia – Exodus ft. KRS One
Broken Note – Mortal Bass
Himuro Yoshiteru – we,mess-age
Gridock – Chrometaphor


4 Responses to “AI: CounterMeasures 01”

  1. This sounds liek an extremely cool idea…. a music radio show that has structured variation! nice.

    I would like to hope that you may feature some of my tunes on your upcoming shows – thats if you think my music is of enough originality. 🙂

    p.s i’m subscribed and loving the articles..keep em coming!

    • Anodyne Says:

      Hey Gyre, thanks for listening! I’m excited about this too. I’ve never really DJ’d before, but I’ve always wanted to have some kind of show to highlight music I love. I’ll be putting up a fall/winter promo DJ mix in the next few months. In the meantime I hope you enjoy CounterMeasures! Much much more to come!

      I’m definitely a fan of your stuff on Soundcloud. I’ll be in touch!

  2. christian Says:

    can i submit “Into My Eyes” for the next one? i’ll fb you the download link 🙂

    • Anodyne Says:

      Send me anything you like. Please send to my Soundcloud dropbox. I’d like to keep things as organized as possible with all of the submissions in one place.

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