Know Your Roots: Electro

Anyone who knows me can tell you I’m viciously passionate about electronic music.  One of my favorite hobbies is researching the origins of different styles of electronica and educating myself about where this amazing sounds come from.  Another one of my favorite things to do is share that knowledge with other people.  So I’m going to be doing a semi-regular series of features on electronic music history here.

Lately I’ve been getting back in touch with my good old friend “electro”.  I used to listen to Aux88, Anthony Rother, Drexciya and all of these other electro cats over and over way back when.  Now it just irritates me what people coin as “electro”.  Want to know where the sound really came from?  Watch this amazing documentary on youtube!  It does a helluva lot better of a job telling the story than I ever could!


3 Responses to “Know Your Roots: Electro”

  1. Killer dude… Killer, brings back mems.

  2. Great doc, loads of great tracks in there, but it left me even more confused as to the identity of electro! It seemed like the video was presenting all EDM as electro, (minus the Detroit techno and Trance scenes). Even though most of the tracks on the doc where classic electro…

    Well worth the watch though.

    • Anodyne Says:

      I think the point of the doc was to convey the point that Electro was such a large influence on the shape of modern electronic music that everything has roots tied to electro. Also, some Electro purists would definitely claim that all electronic music is electro. Just like some people claim that all dance is Dub (in various forms) since, for the most part, Dub has been a HUGE influence on dance culture and music.

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