IDMf Soundcheck Podcast 002

This is the second installment of the IDMf Podcast.  It’s FREE and you can download it easily from this link:

I’m also happy to say that “The Gateway” was chosen as the opening track!  See below for the rest of the amazing lineup IDMf has put together!

1) Anodyne Industries: The Gateway
2) Padlock: Emergency Equine Evacuation
3) Toronto Is Broken: Wormhole
4) Electro Mass: Relived
5) The Soft Greens: Boots and Boots and Boots
6) Jazzyspoon: Deuce Deuce Revolver
7) Persiflage: Triskaidekarrhythmia
8) Bong: Who Are You Are
9) Hypocr.te: I Must Have Dreamt It
10) Roo Stercoburn: Enlightenment and Acceptance
11) When Power Stars Collide: Dancing Strings
12) Frazdog: Frame Of Referance
13) Julien Mier: Windmills and Lantarnlights
14) LiamCampbell: Invisible Enemy Version 2
15) Dataf1ow: Something Wicked
16) Vlantis: Cute Overload


4 Responses to “IDMf Soundcheck Podcast 002”

  1. I found you through IDMforums, where I’ve been a skirt member for over two years and damn, have you made my week/month. I am a pro blogger/freelance writer and headphone reviewer who is always on the prowl for more/better music to match my ever-accumulating pile of headphones.

    Well, I’ve not been so happy about a download in a long time. Just want to say thank you. Will feature your music in my next headphone review, no doubt about it.

    • Anodyne Says:

      Fantastic! Glad you liked the podcast, ,make sure to stop by the forums and let them know too. Those guys put a LOT of hard work into making things like the podcast happen.

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