Audio Reactive Video Experiment Collab

I’ve been collaborating with a local video artist Jonathan Ferran on some video work.  Using “The Gateway EP” as a base he’s done some interesting experiments with his new video rig and uploaded them to his Vimeo page.  I’m not all up to speed on live video programming and interactive 3D rendering… But this looks cool!  I can’t wait to work with Jonathan more on upcoming projects.

Anodyne Industries – Make It Darker from jonathan ferran on Vimeo.


2 Responses to “Audio Reactive Video Experiment Collab”

  1. Wicked, i would love to do some of this on some of my releases, i have seen quite a few artist do this, some more effectively than others.

    For example check this out: hi quality production too.

    • Anodyne Says:

      Aw man I love that video. I saw it a while back. Yeah it would be fantastic to have a video like that made, but high res stuff like that doesn’t really come around for free these days. Jon was working on his audio reactive coding at the time and used my tracks to experiment with it. In the end it was a fun collab!

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