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IDMf Soundcheck Podcast 002

Posted in Announcements, Mixes on May 17, 2010 by Anodyne

This is the second installment of the IDMf Podcast.  It’s FREE and you can download it easily from this link:

I’m also happy to say that “The Gateway” was chosen as the opening track!  See below for the rest of the amazing lineup IDMf has put together!

1) Anodyne Industries: The Gateway
2) Padlock: Emergency Equine Evacuation
3) Toronto Is Broken: Wormhole
4) Electro Mass: Relived
5) The Soft Greens: Boots and Boots and Boots
6) Jazzyspoon: Deuce Deuce Revolver
7) Persiflage: Triskaidekarrhythmia
8) Bong: Who Are You Are
9) Hypocr.te: I Must Have Dreamt It
10) Roo Stercoburn: Enlightenment and Acceptance
11) When Power Stars Collide: Dancing Strings
12) Frazdog: Frame Of Referance
13) Julien Mier: Windmills and Lantarnlights
14) LiamCampbell: Invisible Enemy Version 2
15) Dataf1ow: Something Wicked
16) Vlantis: Cute Overload


Audio Reactive Video Experiment Collab

Posted in Uncategorized on May 13, 2010 by Anodyne

I’ve been collaborating with a local video artist Jonathan Ferran on some video work.  Using “The Gateway EP” as a base he’s done some interesting experiments with his new video rig and uploaded them to his Vimeo page.  I’m not all up to speed on live video programming and interactive 3D rendering… But this looks cool!  I can’t wait to work with Jonathan more on upcoming projects.

Anodyne Industries – Make It Darker from jonathan ferran on Vimeo.

Planet Boelex, “Raja”

Posted in Reviews on May 5, 2010 by Anodyne

There are few artists that I hold dear enough that I instantly must have every release they put out as soon as I hear word of it.  Planet Boelex is one of those.

From the first time I heard his “Sinking in the Soup EP” in 2005 I was captivated by his intricate and fragile rhythms so seamlessly blended with captivating melodies and atmospheres.

Over time the Planet Boelex sound grown and matured.  Planet Boelex delighted me with the Khavi Collective release, “Suunta”.  His collaborative work with Mosaik (another one of my favorite artists) on “Sisumies” was a sonic snapshot in time I’ll never forget.  Seriously.

On “Raja”, Planet Boelex flexes his creative power again with unsurprisingly beautiful and touching works.  The highlight (if one had to be picked) from the release titled , “Not From Here”, is achingly touching with smooth and thick beats and intimate vocal work with Lisa’s antenna.

“Raja” is an absolutely stunning addition to the Planet Boelex discography and once again begs the question “Why are you giving this away for free?!”  I honestly feel guilty after having listened to this music for over 5 years without paying a penny…

Go have a listen, spread the word.  Believe me, this is worth it.

“The Gateway EP” write-up on

Posted in Announcements on May 3, 2010 by Anodyne

This weekend posted a write-up on “The Gateway EP” in their weekly “Sound Bytes” section.  “With solid production, breaky beats, and beautiful harmonics, King climbs to the top, among the label’s previous seven EPs and compilations.”  This is great news coming from a great site!  If you’re looking for a regular peek at some fantastic new electronic music being released keep an eye on Headphonecommute.