New Release! ‘Razorwire Necktie/Revelations Remix Swap’

“Razorwire Necktie/Revelations” is a remix swap project I undertook with fellow IDMf artist Cracked World Foundations.  The task was simple, each of us produced an original track with no creative or thematic constraints.  Then we swapped audio stems and remixed eachother’s work, again with no rules to abide by.

The result is a 4 track EP with Anodyne Industries bringing forth some forward thinking Drum & Bass and Cracked World Foundations stepping up to the plate with some inspired Glitch/IDM.

You can stream this release on my Soundcloud page or download it for FREE here from my site.

Follow this link and download the FULL EP for FREE


5 Responses to “New Release! ‘Razorwire Necktie/Revelations Remix Swap’”

  1. Sick! Getting now!

  2. Oh by the way dude, the link at the bottom of the page isn’t a direct link to the file… so if people right click and save it’s just dling the html document. Figured you’d like to know that 🙂

  3. Electro Mass Says:

    Really sick man, very impressed indeed!

  4. Toronto Is Broken Says:

    This is the business

  5. Toronto Is Broken Says:

    been mixing these tracks out quite a bit. they still sound quite good when warped upto 175bpm

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