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IDMf008: Anodyne Industries ‘The Gateway EP’

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Released 4/20/2010, “The Gateway EP” marks Anodyne Industries’ first official debut with 5 tracks of epic bass music.

The title song, “The Gateway” starts the release off with cavernous atmospherics, otherworldly chants and a creeping bassline infused with heavy distortion and rich feedback.  “I Would Die For You (Remix)” leans heavily on melodic trance inspired vocals with a wickedly punishing basslines all set to a face melting dubstep beat.  “Consigned To Oblivioun” dips back into deep uncharted territories with mournful synth melodies, strings filled with yearning and hope and technical rhythms throughout.  Things get whipped back up to another fever pitch with another dubstep stormer called, “Make It Darker” (and it certainly is!)  Finally, the EP rounds off with a technical acid-infused DnB romp with “Blood Train”.

You can download the album for free at the IDMf Netlabel Website

Or stream it (and leave comments) on the IDMf Soundcloud Page


New Release! ‘Razorwire Necktie/Revelations Remix Swap’

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“Razorwire Necktie/Revelations” is a remix swap project I undertook with fellow IDMf artist Cracked World Foundations.  The task was simple, each of us produced an original track with no creative or thematic constraints.  Then we swapped audio stems and remixed eachother’s work, again with no rules to abide by.

The result is a 4 track EP with Anodyne Industries bringing forth some forward thinking Drum & Bass and Cracked World Foundations stepping up to the plate with some inspired Glitch/IDM.

You can stream this release on my Soundcloud page or download it for FREE here from my site.

Follow this link and download the FULL EP for FREE

Tutorial episode 4: Pads & Atmosphere Techniques

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9 months.  That’s how long my screencast software has been down.  Oh believe me, I’ve kept busy, but the whole time I’ve been itching to get thigns up and running on some new videos.  Let’s be honest with eachother for a sec shall we?  I’m getting better exposure for this site and my music through these tutorials than I ever thought possible.  So you just keep sucking my brains dry until I have no secrets left to share and I’ll keep putting these tasty treats out for you to nibble on.

Splatinum: Der Schplatzl 2010

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I got a message a while back from some guy on asking if I wanted some free music delivered to my door.  I said, “hell yeah!” and a couple of weeks later this showed up in the mail:

Splatinum was kind enough to send me a REAL CD (you remember those right?) with some deliciously dope glitch hop beats oozing out of it.  Ok, I’m not going to lie, I was in the middle of moving to a new place at the time so the CD got packed away and I didn’t get a chance to open it until recently.

My impresssion?  I kept thinking to myself, “how can something that sounds so cleanly produced be so durty?!”  This album is sick.  Right now I’ve got “Robo Crunk Juice (Remix of Mochipet)” on heavy repeat.  If you’re looking for something a lil crunk, a lil’ grime, a lil’ glitch and a whole lotta “Uuuuuuhhhhnn” then go pick this up!

Anodyne Industries/Cracked World Foundation Remix Swap!

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Remix Swap Banner

A New Anodyne Industries Release Drops Monday, April 19th!

A few months ago I hooked up with Cracked World Foundation ( for a bit of a musical experiment.  We each produced a track in our own style, swapped them and remixed eachother’s work.   The result is a bit of Drum n Bass a bit of glitch a hint of IDM and a big dose of bass!!


Anodyne Industries –

“Razorwire Necktie”

“Revelations (AI Remix)”

Cracked World Foundation –


“Razorwire Necktie (CWF Remix)