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Anodyne Industries live @ Burnal Equinox 2010 (March 6th)

Posted in Announcements, Events on February 24, 2010 by Anodyne

burnal equinox flyer

I’ll be playing at the annual SF Burnal Equinox event on March 6th.  Look for me in the “Blue Room” (The main room for bands and non-DJ performers) from 9:35-10:15!!  It’ll be a night of crushing dub-force and electrified breaks with *gasp* (say it isn’t so!) some DnB thrown in just to make your brains turn to jelly!!

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MyBand Page

Posted in Announcements on February 4, 2010 by Anodyne


Promote Your Page Too

I’ve just created a MyBand page for Facebook. Join up and stay up to date with me on yet another social networking site.

[Single] Body Weapon

Posted in Announcements, Singles on February 3, 2010 by Anodyne

It’s the first Anodyne release of 2010!  Body Weapon is a straight up assault on the senses.  The driving neo-breakbeat rhythm is coupled with an absolutely punishing bassline to produce a relentless assault on the dancefloor.  Haunting pads and otherworldly atmospheres undulate beneath the surface and a classic progressive apeggio stabs away at the breakdown before dropping back into hard hard breaks again!  It’s got Anodyne written all over it.