Coming Out of Hibernation

The first Anodyne EP is due to be released in mid February!  I’m working with the label to finalize artwork right now.  We’re aiming for five titles to be included in the release which will journey through territories with deep melodic undertones, hard beats, and precision basslines.

In other news, a new single is being prepped for release.  I’ve been working on a remix swap with another artist for the last month.  The result will be a collaborative release for both of us.  We each wrote one track, then swapped the stems to remix eachother’s work.  The two styles are very different and I’m excited to see how this comes out.

“Razor Wire Necktie” goes in for the kill with a stomping energetic bassline and an in-your-face 165BPM breakbeat.  Keep an ear out for this collab to release in mid to late February!

Finally, I’ve started to work on some old favorites again.  More than one of you have asked for proper releases of a few of my tracks and now that my plate is relatively clean I have some time to re-work them.  A few of these are over a year old and I’ve learned a lot since then so they’re getting some of the ‘ol TLC for a fresh makeover.  So far things are sounding amazing!  I can’t wait to hear these live!

The first track to be released is untitled, but I’ve thrown it down at every single gig I’ve played.  Experimental break-beat madness coupled with an absolutely insane bassline make this one of my all time favorites!


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