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It’s my first official release!

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Continuum, the newest installment in the IDMf library, is an electronic music album to behold. Beginning with the hard-hitters and slowing down to a softer touch, this compilation showcases the diversity of genres displayed on the IDMf netlabel, including breakcore, dubstep, house, breaks, ambient, and IDM. The tracks are arranged as they would be in a double CD package: Side A includes eight tracks jam-packed with energy that smoothly segue into a lighter mix of glorious beats on Side B. IDMf is proud to introduce a few new artists along with some of “golden oldies” who have appeared on previous compilations, bringing you the most well-rounded and genre-stomping release from IDMf yet!


01: Synaecide – Scientifica II
02: Anodyne – Passion Drummer
03: Ph0ne – The Fobidden Name (Hopeku Remix)
04: Chinese Goblin Factory – Die, Moe Koo
05: Cracked World Foundation – Itch
06: Edenflux – Space Gypsy ov Doom
07: Binary Pulse – Guarana
08: Son of Akira – signal dos


09: Atoms of an Addict – Cozy
10: tuneboxii – What You Make of It
11: Morpion – Back to Bay 6
12: Mattt – Excerpts from the Rodent Songbook
13: IG88 – Technicolor Yawn
14: Silent Strangers – A Mirror Factory
15: Thousand Watt Smile – Totally Awesome Waterslide
16: Uchujin – Ka7


Produced and Arranged by Wayne Baker (Fidelium) and Nathan Schwartz (Permutated)
Mastered by Wayne Baker
The following tracks mixed by Nathan Schwartz: “Technicolor Yawn”, “Totally Awesome Waterslide”, and “Space Gypsy ov Doom”
Album art by Evelon and Yibbon
IDMf Netlabel managed by Wayne Baker and Nathan Schwartz
Vocals on Scientifica II courtesy of Kari Rueslatten.

Special thanks to Son of Akira for providing us with the tools to be able to complete this compilation, Will Hitz (Spaceman) for starting the whole project, ZXYZXY for some ear support now and then, all IDMf members who participated in this release and helped make this happen. We can’t do these things without you.


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Slower, more thoughtful, and definitely less frantic/glitchy. This set is a departure from my normal work and I thought “what the heck, people may like it.” It may have been a great set, but it was the wrong place to play it. Decompression is filled with people who just want to party and dance and have a great time. Introspective, melodic musicians need not apply. I cleared that dancefloor out quick-style baby! WOO!!

Perfect for a cold rainy day though…

Decompression 10/11/09

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I’ll be doing a live PA at SF Decomp from 4:45-5:30. I’ll be throwing down a load of new tracks! Afterwards stay put for the annual People’s Fashion Show, I’ll be providing the music for that too!

A double dose of Anodyne. Just what the doctor ordered.

IDMf006: IG88 – Mutual Mastication

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IDMforums created their own netlabel a while back to feature the works of IDMforums members. What started as the free release of compilations has evolved into dedicated artist releases!

For the IDMf Netlabel’s second solo release comes IG88’s Mutual Mastication LP, a melodic delight filled with organic-sounding synths sweeping across an ocean of deep rhythms. The ambient textures of this album will leave the listener both happy and melancholic even after listening to it for the fiftieth time, as they will discover new layers to behold in each track — sounds which will echo in their minds as they continue their day. If the weather in Seattle made music…

Mutual Mastication also includes a remix of “Nebulous Eyes” by Halogen (IDMf, Maternity).


1. Poisson D’Avril

2. Bathing in Blindfolds

3. Fallopian Tube Tunnel Vision

4. An Ice Cube’s Sunrise

5. Nebulous Eyes

6. Music for Marshmallows

7. Plausible Pause (Interlude)

8. An Ice Cube’s Sunset

9. Technicolor Yawn

10. Nebulous Eyes (Halogen Remix)

Written and produced by IG88

Mixed and mastered by Wayne Baker (Fidelium) except for “Technicolor Yawn” (Mixed by Nathan Schwartz, mastered by Wayne Baker)

Album art by Evelon and Scotti Wilson

IDMf Netlabel managed by Nathan Schwartz (Permutated) and Wayne Baker (Fidelium)

Other credits:

Bass on “Fallopian Tube Tunnel Vision”, “Bathing in Blindfolds”, and “An Ice Cube’s Sunrise” by Ricky Wilson (Bassist for Sigmoid Argonaut)

Vocals on “Nebulous Eyes” by Patrick Baker

Guitar on “Music for Marshmallows” by Atoms of an Addict

IG88 would like to thank: Ricky Wilson for support, basket weaving and blossom basted bass lines. Fidelium (Wayne Baker) for taking this album under his mighty bird like wings, mastering and long walks on the beach. Permutated for mixing help and release support. The entire IDMF community for amazing feedback and perspectives.