Upcoming Content:

Yeah, I know, there hasn’t been much on here lately. So here’s a teaser of what’s to come:

-You know those tracks at the beginning of my first two tutorial videos? Yeah those. I’ll be putting the finishing touches on them and releasing them in the next few weeks. Razor sharp bass decimation. Comin’ at ya.

-More video tutorials! They’re fun to make and don’t take very long. I’m hoping to make this a bi-weekly thing! Upcoming episodes include: “Beat Programming”, “Sample Manipulation”, “Anodyne’s Lame Live Setup”, “Pads” and more!

-Did someone say “custom painted hardware”? No? Damn, I thought I heard something… Ah well, I guess I’ll have to keep this gear porn to myself. *fap*

-Events!! Holy Crap! It’s happening! Anodyne is involved in the creation of a new production company. “Open Source” is going to be throwing events in and around the bay area so keep your eyes peeled! Our first event kicks off in early August. Stay Tuned for details.

-Finally, I’m working on an EP. Either to be released on a netlabel or released independently. It’s leaning towards being more official than not though! Look for this in the fall. More soon.


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